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What is Self-Suggestion?
Tell me more about the Self-Suggestion MP3 files?
What will I receive when I order?
Tell me more about Bradley Thompson?
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Q. What is Self-Suggestion?

Self-Suggestion is the process of suggesting something to your mind, over and over – allowing it to gradually "install" new, positive behaviours in your life.

It’s based on the science of “Programmed Rehearsal,” a well-respected psychological principle.

You can use Self-Suggestion to fill your mind with positive affirmations, essentially “reprogramming” the brain to achieve your greatest goals. Repeat it enough, and it’ll eventually “sink in” and “rewrite” your inner thought patterns.

Whether you want soaring confidence or more energy, Self-Suggestion can help.

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Q. Tell me more about the Self-Suggestion audio files?

The Self-Suggestion Kit contains over thirty Self-Suggestion audio recordings!

These deal with everything from confidence to creativity, from fears to feeling energetic. Each session takes you into a gentle trance, then feeds your mind with HUNDREDS of positive affirmations.

Over the course of a month, these affirmations will have a profound effect on your self-image - and help bring about the desired change in your life. This phenomenon is well-known in the psychological community as "Programmed Rehearsal."

Every Self-Suggestion audio session lasts for 15 minutes.

Certain sessions combine Self-Suggestion with extra technologies, for enhanced results – including binaural beats and white noise. These are typically indicated in the audio itself.

Each session is incredibly relaxing, and most include guided affirmations with a soft, North American accent.

You can listen to a mixed Self-Suggestion sample MP3 file by clicking here.

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Q. What will I receive when I order?

We’ll send you access details to The Self-Suggestion Kit right to your email immediately after purchase!

The access page contains all of the 30+ audio sessions, ready for you to listen immediately from any computer or mobile device.

You access page will also include the Self-Suggestion guide, from Bradley Thompson.

We’ll also include access to “The Secret Art of Self-Development.”

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Q. Tell me more about Bradley Thompson?

Bradley Thompson is one of the world’s most respected self-development leaders.

He is a best-selling author of books such as “Be Psychic” and “Lucid Dreaming in 7 Days.” He is also the creator of Subliminal Power, currently used on over 1 million computers across the globe.

You can learn more about Bradley’s other sites and accomplishments online, at

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Q. Do you offer an affiliate program?

You bet! We’ll pay you 50% on every single customer order you send to this site.

It’s FREE and SIMPLE to signup. Just click here to learn more!

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Q. I have further questions. Who can I ask?

We’re always on-hand to assist with any questions you may have!

Just contact our support team online by clicking here. We guarantee to respond to all queries within one business day – however our typical response time is just four hours.

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